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Pain Point/Pleasure Points

In the current times people have trouble with simple tasks of lifting or chasing their children, moving furniture or having energy that lasts all day. Crossfit helps people to become more aware of their bodies, what muscles need to be secured and others to be activated so that an action can be done safely and effectively. Whether you are playing with your children or out playing an elite support, you will benefit greatly from body awareness, strength, mobility, and conditioning.


About Us

Our mission is to help every person find their inner athlete. We are training every individual as though they are an athlete so that they believe they are one and in turn become one. Age is only a number but desire is the driving force that will help them overcome any obstacle.


Getting Started

That is the easy part…. All you need to do is call us and book your first free work out with one of our coaches during a specified time slot provided above. So call us today and you could be starting as soon as tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your journey to becoming healthier.


Welcome to Crossfit Constellation, we are a strong community of athletes from all walks of life and different levels of ability. We strive to encourage all our athletes to become a stronger, healthier version of themselves by working on improving their body awareness and control. We welcome everyone who is interested in moving themselves to a higher level of wellness. Take on the challenge, and allow us to become part of that journey.