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Our Mission

At Crossfit Constellation our mission is to help everyone find their inner athlete. We train each and every individual as though they are an athlete and as a result, they believe they are one. Our vision is to create a culture of education, passion and comradery; a place in which every athlete calls home away from home and looks forward to being motivated by the coaches and other athletes to perform better, stay healthier and achieve their fitness goals.

Crossfit Constellation is a lot different than your average gym setting. Most gyms have three separate training areas: one for cardiovascular training (treadmills etc…), another for weight training, and another for personal training sessions. CrossFit classes take the best of all three components and combine them into one. By doing so athletes leave feeling much more motivated, educated and most importantly see results because they have coaches helping them every step of the way. Crossfit training puts you through a constantly varied, highly intensity workout that helps you build strength, stamina, flexibility, agility and coordination.

We strive to be the best Crossfit affiliate in Pickering by providing a positive, safe and family friendly facility. So no matter what your fitness level is you can still do CrossFit. If you are interested in trying a class please call us at 905-438-2826 or visit us for a tour.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!